About Us

Mission Statement

DCH Systems is engaged in the design and manufacture of RF power amplifiers and systems. Our mission is to provide advanced, highly linear, and efficient RF amplification solutions for customers in the Aerospace / Defense, Telecommunications, and Science communities. Our commitment to our customers involves:

  • Engaging them in a consultative manner, understanding the needs of their system and assisting them with an amplifier solution that will meet their technical and schedule requirements, combined with a low-overhead corporate structure that will allow the company to offer these solutions at reasonable prices.

  • Providing them with industry leading technical resources and documentation for our products, containing all the information they need pre-sale, to help them evaluate the multitude of factors considered when deciding on a power amplifier product.

  • Delivering products that exceed the performance and durability requirements of the industries we serve, manufactured at facilities certified to ISO and Aerospace quality management systems.

Core Competencies

The RF Power Amplifier is an essential component of all commercial and military radio systems, but is also typically the largest in size and the greatest consumer of electrical energy. Most of the electrical power supplied to an RF amplifier is wasted in the form of heat, with only ten to forty percent of the DC input power converted into useful RF power. Furthermore, RF power amplifiers operate most efficiently in saturation; however, in this operation mode the output signal is distorted by the amplifier’s nonlinearities, and no longer accurately represents the input signal. A clear, undistorted signal from the amplifier output is of the utmost importance in modern radio systems, as this distortion quickly and significantly reduces the data rate and performance of the system’s radio link. Therefore, all modern radio systems have to operate their amplifiers at a certain level of “back-off” from saturation, which sacrifices efficiency considerably but ensures that the output signal distortion is kept to tolerable levels.

DCH Systems' core competency is the ability to design and manufacture RFPAs utilizing these IC pre-distortion products. It possesses the expertise to implement the high-complexity analog and digital circuitry to produce user-friendly, reliable RFPA products that are suited for both low and high volume manufacture. In addition, our team's decades of experience in building RFPA products for telecommunications firms that utilized pre-distortion provides the company with the technical background and understanding of the minutiae of amplifier design required for maximum compatibility with this type of ancillary circuitry.