DCH Systems, Inc. RF Power Amplifiers and Systems
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    Our design capabilities span 10 MHz - 20 GHz and cover power levels of up to the kW level. GaAs, GaN, LDMOS and many other device technologies are utilized depending on the application. Our Analog and Digital pre-distorted modules are among the most highly linear and power-efficient amplifiers in the industry. We are further dedicated to providing the most cost-effective solutions for our clients, offering our products at highly competitive prices.

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    Bi-Directional Amps

    Our BDAs are found in all types of data link systems and are designed for use with any waveform, from narrowband CW signals to complex modulations such as 802.xx, OFDM, TCDL, 4G telecommunications and proprietary standards. We offer extensive customization for meeting the requirements of any radio and link budget.

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    19" Rack Systems

    Our 19" Rack Mount systems offer many control and monitoring interfaces. We are the first to offer both Windows and Linux-based color touchscreen interfaces. These systems come in an endless array of configurations and are built to order with many optional features to meet the most demanding laboratory, commercial, and military systems requirements.

Power Amplifiers


Linear, Efficient, Feature-Rich Designs
Our line of SSPA products offer industry leading linearity, utilizing both analog and digital pre-distortion circuitry that allows for operation in a higher efficiency region of the PA while maintaining low EVM and high data rates.

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Bi-Directional Amplifiers


For High Performance Data/Comms Links
These modules contain both a PA and LNA sections that can be Tx/Rx switched either automatically by detecting the RF Tx burst, or via an external, customer-specified control line. Typical designs accomodate TTL and differential controls.

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Rack Systems


Single and Multi-Function Systems
Everything we make is available in a Rack-Mountable configuration, with an available color touch-screen control interface. These units also communicate via most industry-standard protocol and can be extensively customized.

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Tower Mount Amplifiers


Commercial and Mil-Grade Solutions
All products can be configured for tower mounting or outdoor use with specifically designed housings that offer weatherproofing, thermal management, and active cooling if necessary for the harshest ambient temperature, shock, and vibration conditions.

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Frequency Translating Amplifiers


Increased Flexibility for Changing Mission Demands
Tx and Bi-Directional products that contain up- and down-conversion sections, enabling radio systems to communicate in other bands outside of crowded spectrum, using the same linearity-enhancing methods for max data rates.

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Tailored to Application-Specific Needs
We'll ensure 100% compliance with every detail of your requirement, and utilize state-of-the-art RF design and production methods to deliver in-spec and on-time. If needed, we'll also provide a comprehensive tradeoff analysis for cost, size, and power limited projects.

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Company Brief

DCH Systems designs and manufactures RF Power Amplifiers and Systems. Our goal is to provide more efficient and tailored solutions to our clients than previously available within the industry. Our commitment to innovation sets us apart from other industry manufacturers, who continue to rely on outdated legacy designs. DCH Systems products are utilized in Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defense, and R&D applications. Our products range from simple, general-purpose power amplifier gain blocks to complex, multifunction systems used in military communications and electronic warfare. Our goal of being a premier supplier to a diverse customer base of Aerospace/Defense and Commercial clients is reflected in both our existing product designs and product development roadmap.

Address: 626 Central Ave #2, East Orange NJ 07018
Telephone: 973-419-6499
E-mail: sales@dchsys.com