We offer a number of features and technologies in all of our SSPA products that we believe are true differentiators. Below is a brief description of some of the technologies we employ. Our product roadmap also ensures we always look ahead to emerging RF devices and support circutry architectures. Once they are production-ready, we move quickly to assess their benefits to our PA products and incorporate them in future revisions.


Analog and Digital Pre-Distortion

We are currently delivering PAs utilizing analog pre-distortion that provide nearly 15 dB of ACP improvement over standard amplifiers at efficiencies exceeding 30%, with greater than 180 MHz of input RF bandwidth. This pre-distortion system has been implemented with GaAs, LDMOS, and GaN devices in various configurations.


Advanced DC, Control, and Monitoring Circuitry

All of our PAs have DC sections with features that promote easy system integration and worry-free operation. These include protection against over, under, and reverse voltage conditions. Additionally, modules are available with internal wide input range (9-36V) DC-DC conversion sections, which simplify system designs by eliminating the need for external DC converters to power the PA. This approach contributes to greater overall system efficiency, since the DC to DC converter is designed and matched for peak efficiency with respect to the DC power draw of the amplifier.

We provide advanced built-in PA monitoring and control sections that are controlled by microprocessor, FPGA, and CPLD devices. Functions include forward and reflected RF power measurement, PA temperature, DC monitoring to the device level, transmit/receive switching, and bias compensation over temperature and VSWR conditions. Many other configurable alarms and warnings can be tailored to the customer’s system requirements.


Expertise beyond the PA

Our decades of experience in PA system integration projects with customers has enabled us to acquire resources and skill in the design of highly integrated RF assemblies, which include SSPAs, input and output filtering, frequency conversion sections, limiters, and many other critical functional blocks of advanced RF systems.