Custom Configuration: SYS069 19" Rack Mount Power Amplifier

In the fields below, enter in any specifications that you need customized for your application (leave blank if no change required). Once finished, enter your information and click the "Submit" button below.

Most changes can be performed at no additional cost. Our engineering change team shall issue a customized part number and datasheet specific to your application. When applicable, a data package shall also be provided with plots and other relevant information qualifying the requested performance figures.

Specification Min Typ Max Unit
Frequency 3600   3800 MHz
Enter Required Frequency Range   MHz
Power Out (P1dB)  46.5 47   dBm
Enter Required P1dB Power   dBm
Power Out (PSat) 47 47.5   dBm
Enter Required PSat Power   dBm
Gain 46 47   dB
Enter Required Gain or Gain Range dB
Gain Flatness   0.5 0.8 dB
Enter Required Gain Flatness   dB
Input Return Loss 14 18   dB
Enter Required Input Return Loss   dB/VSWR
AC Supply Voltage 85-264 VAC
Enter Required V Range   V
Select Voltage Supply Type
Power Consumption   240   W
Enter Power Consumption Limits   W


Dimensions 12.115 x 18.94 x 3.47 in.
Enter Max. Allowable Size (L,W,H, in)
RF Connectors N-F Standard, other configurations available
Enter Input / Output RF Connectors Required
DC / Control Connector Per customer requirement
Enter DC Connector Required
Enter Control Connector Required