Custom Bi-Directional (Tx/Rx) Amplifier Request Form

In the fields below, enter in as few or as many specifications that have been defined. If undefined at the moment, leave blank and engineering will suggest values for your review. Once finished, enter yourcontact information and click the "Submit" button below.

Many new designs can be completed for little or no NRE. We will provide a detailed quote with every spec submission. If necessary, we shall provide additional documentation such as a tradeoff analyses and simulation results.

General Requirements

Specification Min Typ Max Unit
Enter Input Frequency Range   MHz
Enter Required Tx P1dB Power   dBm
Enter Required Tx PSat Power   dBm
Enter Required Tx Gain or Gain Range
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Enter Required Tx Gain Flatness   dB
Enter Required Tx Input Return Loss   dB/VSWR
Enter RequiredRx Gain dB
Enter Required Rx Gain Flatness   dB
Enter Required Rx Noise Figure   dB
Enter Required Rx OIP3   dBm
Enter Required Tx / Rx Switching TIme   uS
Enter Required input voltage range   VDC
Enter DC Current Draw limits   A

Signal Type / Linearity Requirements

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Enter the # of carriers:
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ACP / Spectral Regrowth Level:
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Power Output Required at Spectral Regrowth Level:
dBm Watts
Approx. Peak to Average (PAR) of signal used (if known): dB

Features / Options

RF Sample Port
On/Off Control
High Speed On/Off Control
Gain Control (Manual or AGC)
VSWR Protection
Input Overdrive Protection

Monitoring / Control Interface

Other (Please Specify)



Enter Maximum Size Constraints (L,W,H, in) in.
Enter Input / Output RF Connectors Required Input: Output:
Enter Input / Output Connectors (If other specified) Input: Output:
Enter DC/Control Connector Required
Enter DC/Control Connector Required (if other specified)


Operating Temp Range Required (baseplate):
Max Ambient Temp (if known):
Other Shock/ Vibe Spec:
Weatherproofing / Hermeticity:

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